Do’s And Don’ts For A Pet Owner

Trainer talking to dog

Every dog owner has a responsibility to ensure that their pet does not cause a nuisance to others. This means that as the owner, you must comply with certain laws, most of these are straight forward and are there to ensure that people and dogs can live happily and safely in the community. For this, owner must have to follow some rules and regulations and also give some training to their dogs. Dog owners have a long-term responsibility to their dogs to ensure that they are cared for properly, brought up in the correct environment, properly trained, and receive the necessary veterinary treatment.

Some of the key responsibilities of the dog ownership are as follow:

Give proper training to your dog in all aspects especially in basic obedience so that it is under control at all times. Moreover, it shows normative behavior in front of other pets and people.

Train you dog to go the toilet at home i.e. proper toilet training is given to the pet so that if your pet accidently fouls in public make sure that you clean it up.

Whenever you walk with your dog, must carry the necessary things with you like a scoop and a plastic bag is must.  These responsibilities are collectively known as an owner’s social responsibility and commitment to his or her pet.

You must spend enough time with pets for their exercising, training, feeding, and grooming according to the needs of the specific species.

In order to ensure the good health of your dog, properly visit your veteran doctor and do vaccination in time. Moreover, nutritious and well balance diet must be given to your dog so that it actively participates in various day activities.

Along with the balance diet plenty of exercise also keeps fit your pet. As it commonly said that a healthy pet is a happy pet and a happy pet is a loving companion.

Make sure that your dog has a collar and tag is its neck. That collar is also helpful in giving the training, which will make your dog learn not to irritate your neighbors. It is also helpful in confining pets within the parameter of the house and preventing them from wandering beyond it.

Give extra attention to the grooming of the dog. Such that give proper bath and rest to your pet. For this, various pet supplies are available in the market for owners that keep their pets safe and sound along with beauty.

One of the most important things is that check for fleas and seek your veteran’s advice for proper treatment.

Providing suitable space for pets in order to eliminate unwanted behavior associated with boredom, such as excessive barking.

From the above mentioned points, it has come to know that responsible pet owners should get to know their pets better, ensure they are healthy all through their lives, understand their behavioral problems, teach them obedience and adopt preventive measures for their pets. When all these factors are diligently practiced, pets can be easily raised to become pleasant companions to owners and well behaved social animals in public.