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Evaluate Your Lifestyle

In exchange for all the love and pleasure, an owner gives to the dog, they do require various kinds of care in return, many of them several times a day. This will only possible if you assure complete care and good quality life to your pet. But before this, you have to cover all the key aspects of dog care that majorly include:

First of all, you have to recognize the commitment because it is full time duty that includes both long-term emotional and financial commitment. Before deciding that a certain dog is right for you, you must make an honest assessment as to whether your home is right for any dog or not.

Couple with two dogs making a picnic

If you are going to make your dog a part of your life, you need to make sure that he is well suited for your lifestyle. Thus, evaluate all the aspects of life like activities, hobbies, personalities, schedules, etc. before you get a dog.

Based on your evaluation, determine what qualities you want in a dog. Consider breed, size, and energy level, grooming needs, trainability, and temperament. All these factors are helpful in selecting the best dog, which suits with your life a lot.

One of the most important selections is of the breed of the dog. Once you have made your list of ideal characteristics, do some research to find which breeds fit that profile. You can search either online or from any available forum, which has complete collection of dogs. Out of these, you can narrow down the breed of your choice.

You have a much better chance of being satisfied if you get your dog from a responsible, ethical breeder whose primary concern is to produce dogs of high quality, good health, and stable temperament. Another preferable choice can be from your nearby friend referral.

When you find a breeder you are comfortable with, ask to visit the kennel and view the dogs on the breeder’s premises. Inquire about health problems of the breed, and what can be done to prevent or control them. Find out what kinds of activities including competition, the breeder’s dogs participate in and enjoy. The breeder’s dogs are a preview of what your dog will be.

A responsible breeder or rescue contact will ask you extensive questions about the type of home you can offer a dog. These people are as committed as you are to making the right match between you and a dog. Give honest answers to their questions. Remember that, due to their experience in the breed, they know what issues are important in placing one of their dogs.

Information about the sale or adoption should be in writing. The contract should include, details regarding any fee, spay-neuter agreements, health guarantees, terms of co-ownership, restrictions on breeding, and living arrangements. It should also include instructions on what to do if the dog, despite your best efforts, simply does not work out for you or your family. Most responsible breeders will insist that the dog should be returned to them in such a case.

Photo by Celine Sayuri Tagami on Unsplash.